Party Wall Surveying

The requirement for owners of properties to inform the relevant neighbours of any works they are undertaking to party walls and structures, or in close proximity to buildings and other structures, is a legal requirement and falls under the Party Wall etc. Act 1996.

Within the Practice the Partners have experience as Party Wall Surveyors appointed by both the building owner and adjoining owners and as the Agreed Surveyor to resolve disputes between both parties.  We also undertake dual roles to clients as both Engineer and Party Wall Surveyor, which assists in the speedy resolution of party wall matters within sensible cost boundaries.

Alternatively, we can act as Engineers advising Party Wall Surveyors and given our in-depth knowledge of the Party Wall Act, we are well positioned to provide pertinent advice to aid efficient resolution of disputes.

If you have a query on party wall matters or are not sure whether you are required to serve a notice under the Party Wall Act, please contact us for further advice.